Burger History

A hamburger is a type of sandwich that consists of a twisted piece of meat that is placed in the middle of a round loaf of bread .

Hamburger meat is mostly beef and may be grilled or fried. Among the meat and hamburger bread, there is usually lettuce , tomato sauce or mayonnaise , mustard , onion and other side dishes . Hamburgers are usually fried on a plate with potatoes or served with chips .

Hamburgers are called by the same name in almost every country, except in the UK, which is called Bieberger or Burger .

If a layer of cheese is placed on the hamburger meat, it is called a cheeseburger .

The word hamburger comes from the German word "belongs to the city of Hamburg " and according to some reports, ham in German means cow or beef and burg means hill and er means the word. One belongs to. However, some have misunderstood it and consider it a combination of "hamm" and "burger" (" ham " in English means ham sausage .)

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